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EDELWEISS - "Rendezvous"     (Part 2)
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 The "EDELWEISS-Clique" :

Remark: During the enlargement of the respective picture,
an approx. 30 years later picture is also shown. Please try it !!!

  Adelheid (Adi) Brigitte Irmgard (Irmi)
  Adi Brigitte Irmi

Arnold (Arni) Gustav (Gusti) Hans (Johnny) Manfred Walter
Arni Gusti Johnny Manfred Walter

  Gerlinde Ernst (Erni) Brunhilde (Bruni) Rudolf (Rudi)
  Gerlinde Erni Bruni Rudi

Birthday party / march 1974

Manfred and Rudi celebrate,here with the girls Big society Totally down, the guys !

Adi and Brigitte Michael and Adi Johnny and Brigitte Gerlinde waits
on dancers
Party in Braller / june 1974

The group sets up itself ... and a little differently Bruni Adi and Brigitte

When eating ... ... and drinking (???) Bruni

Rudi,Bruni,Manfred,Erna,Gerlinde and Erni
Singing at the campfire Brigitte and Johnny Bruni and Rudi Gerlinde and Erni

Parting celebration of the Girst family / april 1975

All together, girls and boys Adi Brigitte Thoughtfully: Arni,Gusti,Rudi

Bruni and Rudi Gerlinde and Erni Walter and Irmi Karin and Johnny

Brigitte Bruni Rudi Johnny

Our visit in Viktoria / easter 1976

Celebrating at Johnny's home Bruni, Irmi, Gerlinde Bruni

Johnny Erni Rudi Walter

Kleinschenk / august 1977

in front: Walter,Erni - in the back: Hans(Weber),Manfred,Paul(Schmidt)
All participants together Barbecue-fun While a dance pause Tired of dancing

Acrobatic dancing Irmi Erni and Walter Bruni Brigitte

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