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EDELWEISS - "Rendezvous"     (Part 3)
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  The EDELWEISS-Reunion 2005 in Wildschoenau/Tyrol :
          The picture gallery of the very successful, merry reunion can be found here ... (only in german)

  The "EDELWEISS-Band 2005"

Walter Arni Hans (Johnny) Rudi
Walter S. Arni Johnny Rudi


  The "EDELWEISS-Clique 2005" - all participants at the reunion in Wildschoenau: the "initial members" (*) and the spouse

Adi (*) Willi   Brigitte (*) Hans   Irmi (*) Richard

  Dietlinde Arni (*)   Johnny (*)   Doina Manfred (*)  

Gerlinde Girst Walter Girst     Hermine Schuster Walter Schuster
Gerlinde Walter G. (*)     Hermi Walter S. (*)

Gerlinde (Zimmer) Ohsam Erni Ohsam     Bruni (Seimen) Girst Rudi Girst
Gerlinde (*) Erni (*)     Bruni (*) Rudi (*)

  The "EDELWEISS-Clique 2005" - celebrating and hiking in Wildschoenau/Tyrol

The Stallnhof-hut in Wildschoenau offers place for 30 people Rudi,Erni,Doina and Manfred. Erni is telling jokes !!! Erni has a lot of jokes in stock !!! Gerlinde,Brigitte,Walter are laughing
The "Stallnhof hut" Cosiness in the hut Erni tells jokes ... ... and all have to laugh

That was a beautiful spring weather:  ca.30 C-degrees on april 30th !!! Dietlinde,Gerlinde O.,Bruni,Gerlinde G.,Adi,Willi,Walter S.,Hermi and Walter G. Snack-time in Thierbach Thierbach is not far from the skiing area 'Schatzberg'
We're hiking to Thierbach Intermediate stop Snack-time in Thierbach Thierbach

Willi,Arni,Dietlinde,Irmi,Bruni and Adi Gerlinde G.,Richard,Doina and Manfred Brigitte, Walter S. and Hans Walter,Willi and Arni were in Viktoria in a class.
At coffee and cake ... ... on the beautiful terrace What do they have to tell ? Three school fellows

Walter G.,Johnny,Erni and Manfred discuss about the times in Viktoria, or ??? Rudi,Manfred,Walter G.,Erni and Richard Arni,Johnny,Walter S.,Erni,Walter G. and Rudi Last cosy gathering before we go home
Guys from Viktoria Barbecue ... Aren't we stately ?? Soon we'll go back home

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