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The family R.Girst

- The parents and/or grandparents Maria and Rudolf (see here the pictures of their golden wedding 2004)
- The children Rudi , Walter and Karin and the spouse Bruni , Gerlinde and Thomas .
- The grandchildren Stefanie and Simone , Corinna and Markus , Christian and Monika .

Picture from the golden wedding 2004
This picture shows the "initial members" of the family R.Girst .

picture 2009 picture 2009
Pictures from Christmas 2009 . The proud grandparents and their 6 grandchildren .

The families and their members

The family Rudolf G. sen.         Our beloved parents / grandma / grandpa passed away in July 2012 resp. Febr.2016 .

The family Rudolf G. jun.
Rudi Bruni Stefanie Simone

The family Walter G.
Walter Gerlinde Corinna Markus

The family Thomas B.
Karin Thomas Christian Monika
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