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News, history of changes of this homepage

  6.07.2015 Several new picture-albums on "OneDrive"
  8.11.2014 Several new picture-albums (high resolution pics) and films now on "OneDrive"
  1.11.2012 After a very long break : a lot of new picture-albums (high resolution pics) and films from "sugarsync"
15.01.2008 New picture gallery : The Hiking Season 2006 (259 pictures)
  3.01.2008 Picture gallery USA East Coast 2007 (Washington-Philadelphia-New York-Boston-Portland) (228 pictures)
13.06.2006 The chapter "Mountain-Hiking" has 2 new pages. And there's a new gallery : The Hiking Season 2005 (194 pictures)
26.11.2005 A new chapter "Alaska" about Simone's life in this far country
12.11.2005 After several weeks of inactivity : new picture galleries of Rosengarten(Dolomites) and Rhodos(Greece)
18.06.2005 All pages are now also available in english .
25.05.2005 Update of the chapter EDELWEISS: pictures and comments from the reunion in Wildschoenau/Tyrol
  8.05.2005 Picture gallery from our wonderfull EDELWEISS-reunion in Wildschoenau/Tyrol 29.4.-1.5.2005
16.04.2005 New pictures at the chapters "South-Tyrol" (skiing at Sand i.T.) and "Sports" ("Oldies" in action)
21.03.2005 The homepage-site moves from "girst.onlinehome.de" to "www.girst.de.vu"
13.02.2005 New pictures and new pages at chapter "EDELWEISS". Chapter "Dancing" has been redesigned.
23.01.2005 For all not-german-speaking people: 3 pages (Home,News,Contact) are now also in english .
16.01.2005 3 new picture galleries: Norway, Plitvice Lakes (Croatia) and Sweden. New pictures at the topic "Sports".
  5.01.2005 The chapters "Contact", "Hiking", "South-Tyrol" and "Sport" were added to the menu system, "Family" was redisigned.
The chapter "Dancing" was added .
12.12.2004 The homepage gets a new look-and-feel (the chapters "News", "Family", "EDELWEISS" have been added)
  1.12.2004 An idea was born and starts to be realized : "EDELWEISS" should meet again .

The next picture galleries have been uploaded to the web. We had the first visitors on the homepage.
Even Felix from Montreal/Canada was visiting the homepage : that's Internet LIVE !!!

I had a wonderful new idea and so the first 2 picture galleries and a little homepage-HTML were uploaded
to the Internet :    YOOHOOOH !! We have a homepage !!!
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