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S p o r t s
- the great passion of our girls Stefanie and Simone

- but also the "Oldies" try to keep up ...     Goto "Oldies"-Sport

Stefanie and Simone are very enthusiastic about sports, theoretically (e.g. television and sport knowledge)
but also, practical, as the pictures below will prove.
They are practicing actively ...
- athletics and cross-country : at LAC Quelle and 1860 Munich
- volleyball : at the SVN Neuperlach Munich
- winter sports : skiing and snowboarding (in vacation and on weekend)

And what the "Oldies" have to offer, can be seen here (a few lines below) .

Athletics - championships at the Dantestadion / Munich (2004)
Simone at the Bavarian championships (junior B) : 2.place at 2000m

Cross-country run - in Feldkirchen/Westerham (march 2002)

Cross-country run - in Vaterstetten (november 2004)

Volleyball - at the SV Neuperlach Munich (january 2005)

Winter sports (Skiing at Wildschoenau jan.2005 / Snowboarding at Speikboden 2004)


- Tennis - the pictures of the "tennis leisure's group" (Ralf, Henry, Boris, Knut and Rudi) still are in work!
- Mountainhiking - here are some pictures from South-Tyrol and from our hiking with the friends
- Skiing

- below some pictures from Spitzing, Brauneck, Wildschoenau and Hohe-Salve-Runde,
  but also from Speikboden .
Stuempfling-hut, in the back
Bodenschneid (on the left)
From Firstalm to
Firstalm Risserkogel and Plankenstein

Brauneck / Lenggries
Toelzer hut Bruni at the "Idealhang" "Idealhang" runway Simone is going to start a race

Wildschoenau / Skiing area "Schatzberg"
Wildschoenau, in the
background "Wilder Kaiser"
(alpine farm)
On the top of "Schatzberg" "Hohe Salve"

"Hohe Salve-Runde" ( together with Angela )
Skiing area "Ski-Welt" : from Scheffau via Hochbrixen to Soell and back
"Wilder-Kaiser" mountain Scheffau-Brandstadl "Hohe Salve"
On the top "Hohe Salve" top Down from the "Hohe Salve" Enjoying the spring sun

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