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South-Tyrol - Hiking and skiing (Part 2)
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The skiing area Speikboden ( ca. 2km from Sand in Taufers)
- Here's the homepage of the skiing area - with live-webcam und animated panoramic view
- From the live-webcam of the Schwarzenstein-hut (2922 m) you can see : the skiing area Speikboden,
  the Tauferer-Valley, the skiing area Kronplatz and in the background the Dolomites mountains .

Panoramic view of the skiing area Webcam picture Sight from Schwarzenstein-hut

Skiing - at the skiing area Speikboden
At "Sonnklar" (with the Dolomites in the background) "Glück"-runway (2002)
Pause at "our place" (2001) Relax after moving to Rein-Valley (2002)

Ski vacation Easter 2005 - Speikboden           (pictures of Sand in Taufers and family Frisch are here)

Sight on the skiing area Speikboden
(in the back Zillertal Alps)
(in the back Moosstock and Rein-Valley)

"Glück"-runway Bruni "in action" Tiffany's training Steffi and Mone are watching

At "our place": this time not much snow, but the sight is still amazing !

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