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Mountain-hiking with the family and friends

The Hiking Season 2004
The Hiking Season 2005 Part-1 / Part-2
The Hiking Season 2006 Part-1 / Part-2
The Hiking Season 2007 Part-1 / Part-2

The Hiking Season 2005 (Part 2) This picture gallery shows a lot more pictures ..

Hiking hollydays at Rosengarten (Dolomites in South-Tyrol) (6 wonderful hiking days - September 2005)
Hotel Diana in Welschnofen From the Fromm-Alm ... to the Koelner-Hut (2337m) Wunleger (near Tiers)

Tschafon-Hut with
Rosengarten panoramic view
Preuss-Hut (2243m) Vajolett-Hut (2243m) Vajolett-Towers and
Gartl-Hut (2621m)

Vajolett-Towers (2813m) Santner-Pass-Hut (2734m) Christomannos Monument
in the back the Latemar
Cigolade-Pass (2550m)

Rotwand-Hut (2280m) On the Hirzel-Trail Bruni is climbing ... in the Latemar-Mountains

Torre di Pisa Latemar-Hut (2671m) Bruni and Rudi are enjoying the wonderful environment ...

REMARK : Refering to this hiking hollydays at Rosengarten, there's also this picture gallery ...

From Sand in Taufers (South-Tyrol) to Oberpurstein (with Stefanie and Mariska - September 2005)
Sand in Taufers We are ready to go Castel Taufers At Oberpurstein

Ross-stein (1697m) and Buchstein (1702) (with Anneliese and Simon , Gerda and Willi - October 2005)
Ross-stein (lh), Buchstein Before we climb-up ... On top of Ross-stein The Tegernseer-Hut

Karwendel-Mountains: From Eng to Falken-Hut (with Simon,Anneliese, Willi,Gerda, Hans Batschi and Brigitte - October 2005)
Starting in Eng "The mountains are calling" ... "Golden October"
(that's german "Indian Summer")
.. in the Karwendel-Mountains

Walking and telling stories ... The Falken-Hut ... has a very nice position Here we are ...

Risserkogel (1826m) (with Brigitte and Hans, Grete and Heinz - October 2005)
Autumnal colors Hopefully we're starting soon ... Risserkogel and Plankenstein Noontime on the top

The Vorderes Sonnwendjoch (1986m) (October 2005)
Seen from Ackernalm:
Zahmer and Wilder Kaiser
In the back (from left): Guffert
Halserspitz, Schinder
A hiker on his way ... Snow on the peaks of the Alps

Toelzer Hut (1825m) and Schafreiter (2102m) (with Anneliese and Simon - November 2005)
Looking to our first goal ... Toelzer Hut Pretty nice here ... View to the Karwendel-Mountains

Wildalpjoch (1720m) in the Wendelstein-Mountains (November 2005)
Wendelstein Not far away from the peak On top of the Wilalpjoch Fog in the Inn-Valley

Schwaebische Alp (with Monika und Arno - December 2005)
Here we go ... Nice view to the valley The long hike made us tired Arno, Bruni, Monika

Snow-Hiking at Wildschoenau : From Roggenboden to Kundler Klamm - (December 2006)
            (with Heinz and Grete, Hans and Brigitte, Harald and Elke, H.G. and Ute)
Start having -17 degrees Celsius... Amazing icicles Bruni, Grete, Biggi, Heinz, Hans In front of the Klamm-Hut
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