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The Hiking Season 2004
The Hiking Season 2005 Part-1 / Part-2
The Hiking Season 2006 Part-1 / Part-2
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The Hiking Season 2006 (Part 1) This picture gallery shows a lot more pictures ..

Winter Hiking from Kasern (South-Tyrol) to Trinkstein (1.700m) (with Stefanie and Mariska - March 2006)
Winterly valley near Kasern Really nice weather today Mariska is coming along .. Trinkstein

Auer-Alm (1.300m) (from Bad Wiessee / Tegernsee) (May 2006)
Auer-Alm Fockenstein in background Neuhuetten-Alm Tegernsee

Baumgartenschneid (1.449m) (from Schliersee) (with Anneliese and Simon - May 2006)
Baumgartenschneid On the top Gindel-Alm

Lechnerkopf (1.547m) (Wendelstein-Mountain) (with Hans and Biggi, Heinz and Grete - May 2006)
Steep climbing Wendelstein The peak is reached Breitenberg-Hut

Hirschberg (1.670m) (June 2006)
Hirschberg-Hut View to Tegernsee-Lake Roß- and Buchstein The peak of Hirschberg

From Sand in Taufers (South-Tyrol) to Michlreis (Speikboden-Station) (June 2006)
Castel Taufers Michlreis Ahrntal and Zillertaler Schwarzenstein (3.368m)

From Rein in Taufers (South-Tyrol) to the Kofler-Lakes (2.439m) (with Mariska - June 2006)
Rein in Taufers with
Hochgall (3.436m) in the back
Short break Kofler-Lakes Bruni and Mariska
enjoying the view

Rein in Taufers (South-Tyrol) - Durra-Alm - White Wall (2.517m) - Knutten-Alm (June 2006)
Durra-Alm In front of "White Wall" (2.517m) Knutten-Alm

Pojen (near Sand in Taufers / South-Tyrol) - Obersteiner Holm (2.395 m) (with Mariska and Karl - June 2006)
Hochgall (3.436m) ,
Schneebige Nock (3.358 m)
Snack time with Karl a.Mariska On the peak of Obersteiner
Holm (2.395 m)
Durreck (3.135 m) (li) and
Moosstock (3.059m)

Brauneck (1.555 m) (via Kirchstein-Hut) (We're having Simone with us, she's just back from Alaska - July 2006)
In front of Probst-Alm Proud Papa with daughter Idealhang-Hut Brauneck Station (1.555m)

Achensee - Seekar-Alm (1.500m) (with our dancing group - July 2006)
Our "Hut" in Achenkirch Dancers walking along Noon at Seekar-Alm Achental-Valley

Achensee - Koegl-Alm (with Anneliese and Simon - July 2006)

From Waldherr-Alm to Blomberg and Zwiesel (with Arni and Dietlinde - August 2006)
Waldherr-Alm Blomberg-Hut We made it ! Brauneck a.Benediktenwand

Brixen im Thale - Hohe Salve (Tyrol/Austria) (with Herta and Horst - August 2006)
Hohe Salve This has been once ... ... the "Hut of Horst" "Prost" ! (Cheers)
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